Thursday, October 21, 2004

Word Snobbery

I'm thinking of giving Nanowrimo a go this year. I love the way good writing not only conveys an idea, but brings words to life; the way the sound and flow of the words alone would set a mood for you, even if the words had no meaning at all; the way a good sentence compels you to read on until the words settle, like the resolution of a dissonant chord.

I confess: I'm a written-word snob. Words and writing are tools of expression. People should learn how to use them. Why fumble for pages around an idea that you could express in a few sentences, if you'd take the time to choose your words?

And yet, these same high standards intimidated me out of Nanowrimo last November, and keep me from writing here more often as well. Or alternatively, I break down and just type-stream-of-though-style blog entries, and then feel sick for degrading my own writing standards.

Maybe it's time to lower the bar.


Anonymous said...

I say go for it. Narowrimo sounds fun! -- widower

everyday amy said...

thanks! i signed up this week. we'll see how it goes. hey - weren't you writing a book yourself? =)