Saturday, October 23, 2004


Now that I've signed up for Nanowrimo and NanoBLOGmo, I find myself trying to upkeep three. Count them - THREE - web logs. Not only am I creativly overwhelmed, I'm starting to feel a little "Dungeons and Dragony". I mean, really, if I'm nerdy enough to have three online journals, I might as well learn Klingon.

I've got to cut back. So, I'm sorry to announce that, at least during Nanowrimo, my alterna-world will be on hiatus.

You (all two of you) can keep up with my ramblings via my blogger journal:

King Chaser

or you can follow my noveling attempt at:

Amy's Attempt

If you're reading this, thanks for keeping up! See you all on the otherside of November. (At which point, I hope to call myself "Amy the novelist," which sounds way cooler than "Amy the part-time bank teller."

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