Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Burger King Summer III : (Return of the Big Mean Boss Lady)

An entry a month!? I used to write two a day. What a slacker I've become.

If you haven't seen the commercials, Burger King has been promoting their new "Smokehouse Griller" burgers. (i.e. Different Shaped Meat burgers)which they'll be selling for the next month or so. As part of this promotion, the advertising masterminds of the corporation have asked all employees to wear Smokehouse Griller chef hats.

They apparently paid top dollar to have these hats designed by the Pillsbury Doughboy himself, and strongly feel that they are sure to inspire thousands to embrace the new product.

Thus far, most adults have responded to this ploy by staring (I'm sure they're fascinated with the product logo) and then straining to contain laughter (which I'm sure is just a sign of they're delight in the new product line).

Children and senior citizens have displayed a greater susceptibility to advertising, evident in finger pointing and all out laughing, (which again I'm sure is reflective of the uncontainable joy these new burgers have brought to their lives.)

The hats only add to the business brought on by the company chicken suit, which will from here on promote our poultry products.

I kid you not.

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