Thursday, June 06, 2002

attack of the moth commune

I was preparing another Burger King entry. I was going to introduce you to the 'cast' of the Burger King summer. (Any wage worker can tell you, fast food restaurants house every small-town stereotype imaginable.)

But I sat down to write, and was fascinated by this huge moth, who in turn is sickly fascinated with the light from the monitor.

I've beaten the thing half to death trying to scare him off the screen long enough for me to type, and yet he persists. What kind of sick fascination is that? I mean really, what is he getting out of this arrangement that could be worth a wing?

I'm rewarding him for his psychosis by letting him sit on the screen for awhile, but now his little moth family has taken it as an open invitation. It's kindof sad watching them all flutter around feeding their obsessive compulsive disorders, and I bet there's not a little moth- therapist in the lot of them.

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