Friday, January 11, 2002

a poor entry... but an entry none the less

Is it just me, or are nursing homes some of the most complicated feats of architecture on the planet? It took me an hour to find my grandmother today, and another two to find my way out.

No wonder everyone in the halls looks kindof scared and confused. They're not patients. They're just delivery men and nurses who have spent the later years of their life trying to find an exit door.


Amy Jo update:

This is the part of my journal where I tell you mundane facts about my life, that probably aren't of any interest to the general public. (I generally try to stay away from personal entries, because if you don't know me, you probably don't care, but if I can throw one in now and then, I can usually trick a few people into reading it before they realize it's totally uninteresting.)

I'm going back to campus tomorrow for my last semester at UT. I'm transferring to a theology school next fall, to get a Christian Studies and Ministry degree, in hopes of becoming a missionary. Shocking, I know.

See, I told you it wouldn't be interesting, but you kept reading anyway, didn't you? Now that's loyalty. If you've gotten to this final paragraph, you're to be commended for your misplaced confidence in these amy jo adventures.

But here's the real test... will you come back tomorrow?

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