Wednesday, December 19, 2001

an apology, and an adieu

alright kids. i know entries have been a little scarce lately, and that good entries have been few and far between, but forgive me. i had two weeks of finals, months of studying, and a broken computer to blame.

and now, i'm afraid i'm off again, for awhile. i'm going out of town to see my first neice for the first time. that's right folks, amy jo is stepping into aunthood. aren't we all excited?

but when i return, yes THEN, i shall open the floodgate of amy jo entries, my alterna-world will be bountiful once more, and the people will rejoice!

seriously folks, i've got piles of post-it-notes with amusing stories and amy jo whims just waiting to make their debut. so thanks for the patience, if your even still reading this, and for those of you who've given up, thanks for not sending me any hate mail. (?)

hope you all have a great christmas, and you have time to reflect on the Magnitude of the Son of God being born unto man, and walking among us... I mean: "wow".

see you all in january,

amy jo

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