Tuesday, August 28, 2001

turn in your gun, and give mommy a kiss

I decided that when I have enough cash, I'm going to buy a gun, and learn to use it... BECAUSE,

All this talk about total gun control is starting to get out of hand. Can we follow the logic for a moment people? When you make a LAW to ban guns, you're only taking guns away from LAW-ABIDING citizens.

So suddenly, only people who didn't care about the laws in the first place have guns, and everyone else is disarmed and powerless against them??

The whole IDEA behind the "right to bear arms" was to protect against this type of situation. The guys who came up with this whole idea, were revolutionaries, remember? They just finished overturning an over powering government?? This law was meant to ensure that the government never got stronger than the people... too late for us now, but do we have to make ourselves COMPLETELY defenseless??

[[Personally I think the government shouldn't be allowed to have any weapon the people aren't allowed to own themselves. If the army can have a bunker full of atomic warheads, than why can't John Doe? And yes, I realize the implications and consequences of every loon in the country holding his finger over the ominous "button"... but it's a PRINCIPLE people... Did we forget what those were??]]

What's really sick about all this, is between the government and the MEDIA we'll have a whole country, full of the children of Mother Government, who are not only disarmed and completely defenseless, but also brainwashed to believe that challenging the government's authority is somehow inconcievable and inappropriate behavior.

What's even more nauseating, is that people have been predicting this SEEMINGLY over-exaggerated scenario for 50 years, and we just keep on trucking down the path of destruction.

Take the Amy Jo challenge, if you dare: Read 1984, Brave New World, The Giver, Fehrienheit 451, or some such books, then think about the LONG TERM implications of the laws we're putting into place today....

Yeah... I'm scared too.

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