Sunday, August 19, 2001

the tarot cards say social work.

I had my first tarot card reading the other day. I asked "Mystic Amy" (you may know her as regular amy who lives with me) if I should decide to do social work, or something with more creative possibilities (i.e. music, or photography, or some such thing).

The cards said that the root of my current "problem" was that I had many options and no direction, and that I needed to "get my head out of the clouds" and start looking at reality.

Fair enough. But THEN it said that there was a "kind and mathematical man" in my future. I'm not sure what "mathematical" is supposed to mean... but nevertheless, it looks like amyjo may be getting some action soon, so stay tuned. =P


Meanwhile back in reality... I've really decided to go for this social work thing. My mom had me talk to this former social worker, who told me the horror stories of child protective services, and how some social workers have to move into the inner city neighborhoods to really be helpful.

All this was somehow meant to deter me, I'm sure, but all i could think was: sounds great! This whole time I was worried, that I would get the degree, and then end up pushing papers behind a desk, helping noone and accomplishing nothing, when it turns out, you really DO get to make a difference.

I don't think I really thought that was possible, until this past week.

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