Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Ramblings of the Bed-Ridden

So I woke up this morning feeling like someone parked a truck on my chest, and like I had grown twelve extra appendixes and all of them needed to be taken out. Dad says it's bronchitis. I just think it sucks.

I'm just glad I'm getting sick while I'm at home and my folks can buy sudaphed for me. I guess the "poor college student" in my personality has completely taken over. Plus, I'd hate to have to trek to the Student Health Center on campus. It's so far away, I'd probably die on my walk over.

So my sister (we'll just call her "Larry") introduced me to the world of online diaries, and convinced me to keep on up for at least a month or so. So, I should be writing pretty steadily at least until february. Hopefully, I'll have something entertaining to write about when I get back on Campus. For now, I'll just have to ramble about bronchitis and the exciting life of the bed-ridden.

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