Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Pablo and Shaniqua

Dear Larry,

Just thought I'd let you in on the latest campus news.

*All Names were changed to Protect the Innocent*

The Continuation of the "Pablo" and "Shaniqua" Saga.

So, despite her continual rejection by Pablo, Shaniqua still finds herself harboring the delusions of romance. She told me this morning they were going on a "date",

(i.e. a fantastical whim of a lonely heart) this weekend. Meanwhile, Pablo still shows no signs of interest, and on several occasions, since returning to school has told Shaniqua straight forwardly that he "does not want a relationship", which I guess is pretty easy to misread. (not)

Meanwhile, "Don" is still madly in love with "Latasha" who spends less time thinking about Don then anything else in her day.

The paralells between Don and Shaniqua, and Latasha and Pablo, are really quite amazing. It makes me wonder if Don and Shaniqua aren't pining after the wrong folk, which in turn makes me wonder of Latasha and Pablo are destined for love. You know, Pablo had a thing for Latasha before his roomate Don staked his claim. What a soap opera, what a day!

Meanwhile, I of course remain the quiet and quite unattached observer of my motley friends and their never-ending turmoils. Such is the plight of us Allen girls.

That's all for now. More Later,


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