Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: More Fun.

Every year I make New Year's Resolutions. Usually it's a long list full of unpleasant chores or personal qualities I wish I had, but clearly don't; And every year I am disappointed when I fail to make myself a better person or check all of the unpleasant things off the list.

This year I made resolutions again... But instead of a list that overwhelms me in it's drudgery, I resolved to have more fun. For so many reasons, Philadelphia has been a hard destination for me. Joy takes an effort here; An uphill battle that I too often feel I am losing. I guess this list is my last stand. A full assault against loneliness and boredom.

The List is 52 things long. One for every week in the year. My goal is to get through at least 1/2 of them:

1. Snow Tubing!
2. Scavenger Race
3. Learn to Make Croissants
4. Make a Baking Portfolio
5. Cape Cod Trip
6. Visit Texas (Non Holiday)
7. Grow Extended Herb Garden
8. Participate in Farm CSA
9. Cook a whole fish
10. Seasonal Recipe for Winter, Spring, Fall
11. Make own tamale recipe
12. Make homemade ice cream
13. White Water Rafting
14. Make fresh pasta
15. Go to Italian Market in Philly
16. Bike Ride by River in Philly or Fairmont Park Loop
17. Rent a cabin for the weekend
18. Be in a baking or cooking contest
19. Dance Lessons w/ Anthony
20. Build or restore a piece of furniture
21. Cook lamb rack
22. Try a mussels/ seafood bowl
23. Create a reading list for Emma
24. NanoWrimo 2012 - volunteer/ NPO book
25. Dress up for Halloween
26. Make my own lamp
27. Make a quilt patch that is poster-styled
28. Preserve Tomatoes
29. Make pickles at home
30. Go on a movie date with Anthony
31. Go to nice restaurant (Cake or Drakes or Top of Hill Cafe or American Cookery) in Chestnut Hill
32. Go to Hershey with Mom
33. Take a trip to Smithsonian in DC
34. Road trip to Bluebird Cafe in R.I.
35. Go back to New York for a weekend.
36. Go to Jersey Shore Boardwalk / Ocean City
37. Get a deep tissue massage
38. Stay in a hotel with a big tub for a weekend and take a bubble bath.
39. Play mini golf with Choi
40. Go to a farm to table restaurant
41. Go to Getteysburg with Dad.
42. Go to the Mutter Museum
43. Put wedding vows on canvas
44. Race Car w/ Anthony
45. Manayunk Bike Race festival in Summer
46. Create Something with my Kodak photos.
47. Play a social sport/ Join a team
48. Go to a concert: streetlight, suburban legend, woody pines, etc.
49. Go to a drive-in movie
50. Longwood Gardens at night
51. Philly Art Museum (free Sunday mornings)
52. Hike on the Appalachian Trail

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Anonymous said...

I can help with some of these.. and would definitely like to go along for #32, #35, #41, #45, #51, and #52