Monday, November 22, 2010

A Confession and a Goal

I'm starting a new job today. I'll be case-working for an agency that helps step homeless people out of poverty through a mixture of housing support and what they call "Life Action Plans". Thinking I should get one of those... ;)

It's only part-time, which means I can continue working towards #1 on my Life List: Work for myself one day. This particular goal is very important to me because it means I would have the freedom to work from anywhere: meaning I could spend 2-3 months a year at home with my family - but still be able to travel around, live in new cities, etc.

Which brings me to a confession:

Since leaving New Orleans, I've been working pretty steadily towards starting up as a freelance web designer. That is until this past week. This past week I fully embraced my state of unemployment and accomplished nothing towards my goals. In fact, I spent most of the week playing video games at Choi's house.

I feel like I needed to say that out loud to the internet today and get it out of my system.

This holiday season I may get to spend a few days with my family. A few days that will cost me $400-500 and a groping by some airport official. And this has been more or less the case for the past several holiday seasons.

Why? Because for the past several years I've been working jobs in far away cities. Jobs that only give a few days off around Christmas. Just enough time to fly in/ fly out.

I have to get to the a self-employed place. I can't afford lazy weeks like this last one, and once I start this new job - I will need to be extra motivated in my free time. I'm setting out a goal today that by next holiday season I'll be in a position to spend Thanksgiving to New Years at home with my family.

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Moma said...

I like that goal!