Tuesday, October 26, 2010

60 Minutes Piece on the Unemployment Crisis

Misery loves company. I'm coming into my 5th month of unemployment. I will say that I left my job in New Orleans. I wasn't laid off; I chose to leave. The economy was sheltered there and to be brutally honest: the economy felt like something that effected only some people, other people. I had no idea how permeating it could be until moving to Philadelphia.

If you watch the whole video, there's a scene where they poll a support group for the unemployed. Everyone in the room has a degree, half of them have Masters degrees, and about a quarter of them had PhDs. They interview a former fiber optics engineer who is elated that he finally got a job -- at Target making $9.50/hour.

I think what is most frustrating about this economy, is feeling like none of the rules you grew up with apply. I think many of us were taught growing up "if you get a good education and work really hard, you can make a good life for yourself" or a similar philosophy.

In this economy it feels like work goes to whoever is willing to lower their standards the most - and even then you need to be lucky.

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