Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Beautiful Philly Day

Anthony and I had a great day in Philadelphia! We went to Tyler State Park which is only about 15 minutes from Anthony's house and is so beautiful. Combine that with the PERFECT weather that is Fall in the Northeast - and there is nothing left to desire:

We played frisbee and walked on the miles of trails there. It was very peaceful and serene.

I've definitely noticed I spend a lot more time outdoors when it's not 108 degrees outside with 100% humidity. I could get used to this weather... Anyway - Philly's not all bad it turns out. If you can ignore the drivers, it can actually be quite pleasant.

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KC said...

This made me smile a big smile! It sounds like the North East isn't as bad as you though it was going to be :)

Hopefully you can say the same when there's 5 feet of snow outside!!!