Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cruel Cruel World!

I am so sad right now! I went out this morning and found 6 FAT disgusting catepillars on my one desimated tomato plant. I planted that tomato from SEED before Christmas, and it had finally gotten some flowers on it and was doing really well.

This is BEYOND heart breaking.

I sprayed them with the hose on jet spray, but they are still stuck to the plant. And they are so fat and sticky looking I am afraid to touch them.

Gah! And now I have to go to work, so they will probably finish it off while I'm away.

I won't even lie - I am shedding actually tears this morning... Over a plant. I don't know how farmers do it... I can't imagine working all year, and then losing whole crops to a freeze or some other random act of nature.

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Tmngrace said...

Put a zippered zip lock bag over the leaf and the catepiller. Snap the leaf off into the bag. Put bag on ground and stamp!!!!
Gets rid of stress too....

But... if it is a big green catepiller with white points sticking out of their back, they are already going to die. Wasp lay thier eggs on the catepillar and the larve in the eggs suck the life from the catepillar.

No matter what I hate them too.