Monday, June 22, 2009

San Francisco... the perfect temperature and smells like freshly baked bread.

Also - Apparently the magnet in my torso that draws crazy-old-homeless guys to me is not just limited to the Southern states. It's a national phenomenom, perhaps even global. It took a whole of 4 minutes out of the airport shuttle before a West-Coast crazy-old-homeless guy was following me around telling me how pretty I looked, and maybe we should hang out all day, or hell - get married and have crazy-old-homeless offspring.

I had two excellent meals today - both on accident. At the Houston airport I tried Einstein's bagels for the first time - delicious. And their "Darn good cup of coffee" totally lives up to it's name. Then in San Francisco, I ducked into Center Stage Deli to grab a sandwich on my way to the conference, and it was maybe one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

The opening session of conference was all out. Guest speakers included: Arnold Schwarzzenegar, Maria Schriver, Nancy Pelosi, Matthew McConaughey, Jon bon Jovi, and MICHELLE OBAMA.

Holy crap. It's cool to see so many big names come out for a conference in Volunteerism and National Service. The Arnold was surprisingly self-deprecating and funny. Also - Did you know that he does not accept the governor's salary he is offerred, and instead acts as governor on a volunteer basis and gives the funds to charities?

He listed is governorship as part of his volunteer work, so I looked it up when I got back to the hotel. Very impressive. I wish more people would look at public office as a service role.

Anyway! Too much to say, but so far so good.


Mama said...

How very cool for you! Except for the Pelosi part :) Be sure to catch the fog rolling in over the golden gate bridge -- truly a beautiful thing!

C said...

Granted Arnold is already set for life thanks to all his cheesy action movies.