Sunday, January 25, 2009

Operation Porch Swing - Complete!

This porch swing only cost me $30 in new chains and hardware, and about 3 hours of my time to stain it, replace a broken slat, and get it hung on my porch. Hooray for finding things on the street for free, and turning them into something great!

In other, completely unrelated news, the US inaugurated our first African American president this week. I wish I had taken the time to write about it in detail on Tuesday. For now I'll just say: I think this president is a testament to our country's amazing ability to change course.

The Civil Rights movement was only 40 or so years ago. It's just incredible to think that in so little time, so much ground has been made that an African American now holds the highest office in our country.

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Lara said...

Very nice swing! And an adorable couple sitting on it!