Sunday, December 07, 2008

A step in the right direction...

I am so proud of New Orleans today!

Yesterday was the election for the 2nd congressional district here in Louisiana. William Jefferson has held that office for the last 20 years despite extensive corruption... He actually has been indicted on 16 charges of corruption, and the FBI found $90,000 stuffed in his freezer.

After he won the primary in November, the polls indicated that he would be a shoe-in for the seat, despite his upcoming corruption trials.

To make a long story short, New Orleans voted in Joseph Cao instead. Cao had a home made website during the primaries. But in only a month - he's been able to not only get a decent website, but build a huge campaign and convince enough people to come out and vote... Not so much for him, as against Jefferson.

I am happy to say that my vote was one of the 1800 or so that won him the election.

New Orleans is rated #1 in Public Corruption, #1 in Crime, last in Volunteerism and last in public schools.... Oh, and half the state is eroding into the ocean.

...But yesterdays election makes me feel like there might be hope for Louisiana yet.

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