Monday, February 04, 2008

This is going to make me stronger! ...Right?

Tuesday is the end of more than a year of long-distance dating.

Wednesday is the end of my crappy job.

Thursday is the end of my time here at home with family.

...And Friday is the beginning of a whole new life.

A bitter-sweet week, to be sure. I'm excited to get back to a more active, interesting, compelling lifestyle. Excited to spend more time in my beloved New Orleans. Relieved and thrilled at the chance to finally... finally live in the same city as a certain someone. Beyond ready to leave my boring job.

But I hate. I hate leaving my family. I convened a goodbye party this weekend, thinking it would be a fun way to leave; thinking that instead of a sad goodbye, we could all have a good time and leave on a high note. But having everyone together, only reminded me of how much I love them all.

I'm going to miss everyone terribly...

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mom said...

We will miss you.... even more! Your life will be busy, hectic, and full of excitement but we will be with you in your heart. Knowing you have a family who loves and adores you, go save the world and find God's plan for your life!