Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why Do People Blog?

I took some very significant steps this weekend towards a healthy and sane self.

I changed the oil in my truck for the first time since October 2006. I got some new shoes, and threw away the ones I had duct-taped back together. I worked 38 hours. ... and only 38 hours. I bought groceries, and cooked a meal this weekend. I went to the park and played frisbee. I took a girly quiz in a magazine.

I did not watch the news and agonize over the latest developments in federal relief money. I did not check my work email even once. I did not answer 4 of the 5 work calls I got on Saturday.

I'm feeling very pro-active and healthy. I even got a hair cut!

Here are the results from the girly magazine quiz:

The Negotiator

Negotiators have specific personality traits that have been linked with estrogen. Although estrogen is known as a female sex hormone, men have it, too, and there are plenty of male Negotiators. As the name suggests, this type is superb at handling people. Negotiators instinctively know what others are thinking and feeling. They artfully read facial expressions, postures, gestures, and tone of voice. Their interest in identity extends not only to others but to themselves. So they are introspective and self-analytical -- men and women who take pleasure in journeying into their thoughts and motives. As a result, when they form a partnership, they like to delve deeply into the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship.

Not only do Negotiators connect psychologically, they also have the ability to remain mentally flexible. When they make decisions, they weigh many variables and consider various ways to proceed; they see things contextually, rather than linearly -- I call it web thinking. As a result, they tend to be comfortable with ambiguity. Negotiators can be highly intuitive and creative. And they like to theorize. Perhaps their most distinctive characteristic is verbal fluency, the facility for finding the right words rapidly. With this skill - alongside an agreeable and accommodating nature, compassion, social savvy, and patience - the Negotiator can be very friendly, diplomatic, and authentic.

But as with all qualities, these traits can warp. Negotiators sometimes become such placators they appear wishy-washy to the point of spinelessness. Because they're not willing to confront, they can turn to backstabbing. With their need to examine all the possibilities, they can get bogged down in rumination as opposed to action. And in a relationship, their desire to connect and dissect all the subtle meanings between the two of you can become cloying and invasive.

Anyway. These quizzes are geared towards a completely self-obsessed mindset. Ergo, you probably stopped reading this a long time ago; because only I would be interested in all this speculation on my character. Oh, modern American ego-centric mindset. You disappoint me.

Hey! At least I'm posting something. That's a positive step in and of itself...

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mom, of course said...

So what kind of shoes? and what sort of haircut?