Saturday, October 21, 2006

Guess who came to town?

Sally O'Malley! We went out last night, and had an awesome time. It was so cool and so surreal to see Sally 4 months after Americorps. Sometimes I think you forget how much you miss somebody until you see them face to face.

She'll be around until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, unless I can convince her to quit her job and stay forever. One at a time - I will convert Gold 3 back to the gulf.

Kellie hates this picture - and stole the camera to try and delete it, which led to a full out, four-girl wrestling match in the middle of the bar, and my favorite quote of the evening: "I will kick-box all over you!" -Kellie.

On an unrelated note - I did buy an iPOD - and temporarily damaged my hearing after listening to it for almost 48 hours non-stop. I'm trying to ration my earphone time - but it's just so addicting.

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