Saturday, August 19, 2006

August Update

What am I doing lately?

I'm spending alot of time organizing tools and volunteers for three KABOOM! Builds that we're working on. Also, organizing the tool shed and trying to turn it into a functional community tool library. When I'm not doing that, I'm wandering the streets of Central City, looking for houses we can work on for out Outback Grant, or I'm working on special projects; like roofing, installing crap, fixing broken pipes, etc.

Crazy, crazy, crazy. There just aren't enough hours in a New Orleans day.

We have a couple of long-term volunteers from South Africa down here. They're so fun. Yesterday, Kenda and I had them over for dinner. The night ended with Chet accidentally chipping Kenda's front tooth. So that was a bummer.

Yikes. Gotta go back to work. Better posts coming soon.


Anthony said...

Chipped her tooth?!

How the hell did THAT happen??

No don't tell me.

I'll hear it from you soon enough.

Anonymous said...

hey amy,
the link on your site goes to my old, old blog...can you change it at some point?