Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sneaky Sneaky

We've been trying to get into this FEMA trailer park in Central City to talk to home owners that live there. The park is the first one that opened after Katrina, so it's full of first responders; policemen, firemen and paramedics.

There are a couple of security guards on duty all the time, and even though we're not selling anything, they won't let us in to "solicite" without getting the permission of the company who runs the park. The company, won't answer our phone calls, and has very little interest in us helping these guys get back into their houses, since housing them is their business.

So today, Kenda and I are inacting "Operation Shmooze". We're going down there this afternoon, with some donuts and lemonade, and the sweetest smiles we can muster, to see if we can't get our foot in the door.

How cool is my job?

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