Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rock On!

That's my niece, rocking out hard core. She's only four, but already embodying the spirit of rock and roll.


Work politics rule, even in a disaster zone full of volunteers. There was alot of unnecessary drama today revolving around safety issues. Specifically people who work in the office all day, yelling at people who work in the field all day for not promoting safety issues enough. It seems crazy to me that even in a situation where noone is getting a paycheck, there can be so much tension between coworkers about who is doing what and who isn't doing enough.

We're all volunteers folks. Any labor I do in a day is free and therefore good.

Somehow, we ended up with several high school freshmen working here this week, though our site doesn't take volunteers under 18. It's been pretty crazy. I don't think kids this age belong down here. The conditions are dangerous, and the work requires caution and a general awareness of your surroundings. Plus, they were all wearing these ridiculous baggy pants with three belts and all these chains and zippers hanging off of them. We've nicknamed the boy "fancy pants". Two of them snuck off for 2 hours in the afternoon to make out behind the dumpster.

Life around here is insane. We work so hard, and such long hours, and rarely get a day off. I can never decide if the work is more rewarding or more exhausting. It's frankly, a toss up.

In 9 more days, I'll be going home to Texas, with two Americorps friends in tow! I can't wait to see my nieces, my sisters, my family, and to be in a normal, quiet house with matresses and ice and tv and less than 50 people asking me questions.

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Anonymous said...

Ames- Yay Texas! You are so just missing me being in Dallas. I found a web log that you might like. It's http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/

check it out!