Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kid Chaser

I've been at my sister's place for about a week now, so the only stories I have to tell are about chasing little kids around.

Emma is three and extremely feminine. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite game is princess makeover. So we spend alot of time in a makeshift tent, while she wears a Barbie crown and tells me what color of imaginary blush she thinks will look best on me. She says, "Pink or purple, Aunt Amy?" I always tell her purple, and she always says, "I think pink."

She says when she's older she wants to ride a skateboard. I tell her I do too, and maybe when she's older, we can learn together. At night, she eats a twinkie and we read stories, or flip through a travel magazine and look for pictures of places we want to visit some day.

Madi is only one and I think we're a little more like-minded. She's got kindof a rock and roll attitude, and the hair to match. She loves head banging to music, and thinks its really funny if I chase her around like a monster. She loves the guitar, but likes banging on things too. I think she'll make a fine drummer some day in a punk band. When she's mad, she's really mad. But when she smiles, its totally contagious. It's like her whole body is smiling.

She cries alot, and Emma gets kindof upset, since she shares a room with her. Yesterday, Emma said we should "take her back to the baby store" and get a "better baby". Which was funny... and kindof sad. (Eventually she decided that "if we put her back on the shelf" it would be "dangerous" so maybe we shouldn't take her back. And then later she said "Sorry I said we should take Madi back to the baby store". So I guess we dodged a bullet there.)

So thats life right now. I'm really enjoying getting in some family time, but I still feel like I'm in limbo. Americorps starts in two weeks. I guess that's it! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATHAN!!

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Anonymous said...

You sound like you are a really great Aunt. And thinking of you playing princess makes me smile. What else do you have planned before Americorp?