Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm slowly wading into my river of discipline.

I'm going to bed and waking up earlier. Exercising. Drinking like a gajillion glasses of water a day, and I'm pretty much off the caffeine. Reading the books I want to read. Making to-do lists, and actually doing them...

It's not as horrible, or as difficult as I thought the disciplined life would be. Though, this is probably nothing compared to what life will be like once I get to South Carolina.

I like the idea of discipline. It's training your basic, more animal instincts to succumb to your higher ideals. It's saying no to food when you're hungry, and pushing your body when its tired; not watching tv when you're bored. Essentially telling yourself - there's something more to strive for than just these base needs; some higher existence to obtain.

Only man has the ambition to be more than what he is naturally. (And only man has the ability to achieve it.)


Anonymous said...

way to go on disciplining yourself. I am encouraged and excited about the way you are running towards this new thing in your life. also, nice updates to the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

thanks roger! =)