Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Update from NC

I'm in North Carolina watching Iron Chef in bed, and listening to the commentators make horrendous "escargo" puns. It's only 10:30pm, but it feels like 2:00am, because I've been playing with a 3 year old and 6 month old all day. We took them to the new children's museum in town today, which was awesome. (For example, instead of stairs, there was a bean stalk for the kids to climb. - Very cool.)

Emma is great. I never get sick of playing with her. This morning I was hanging her upside down by her ankles and using her tummy as a drum. "Did you know you were a drum, Em?" She says, "No, I'm an Emma Kate Phillips!!" So cute.

Does anyone else start writing about something on a blog post and then realize that the issue you were about to address goes alot deeper than you thought, and is now - either too much to tackle, or suddenly too personal to post?

Chef Sakai one the escargo battle... in case anyone was holding their breath.

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shaun said...

Re: your question:

Yes. All the time. It's like a dying last breath--sudden, unexpected, unable to be predicted...but makes eternal consequence.