Saturday, December 18, 2004

In which I tell you the mundane details of my life...

Did I mention Monday's my last day at ----bank? In honor of this momentous occassion and for lack of anything better to post about, I present the following list:

Things That I Look Forward to in my Post- ----bank Life

1. Weekends!

2. Sleeping normal hours!

3. No more crazy commutes!

4. A Vacation!

5. Not working in customer service anymore! (Lord willing.)

6. And finally, no more mu-sac.

In other exciting news: One of the customers at the bank is a builder, and has offered me a potential job on his next build. So I may have some work lined up when I get back, assuming he's not just being polite. Either way, it makes me feel better to think about it.

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