Saturday, December 04, 2004

"Closure." For Lack of a Better Word.

So, I've officially ended my time with Hope 242. This definitely seems blog-worthy to me, but whenever I try to tackle it from a writing perspective, I find that there's just too much to say. To many testimonies, too many lessons learned, too many refining fires, too many attributes of God-- too much faithfulness, awe-someness, mightiness, and worthiness. Too much love.

How can I succinctly say how I've been changed, when everything about me is new? How can I testify, when God has done more than I can even keep track of?

God is good. Wholly good. And His favor is on 242.

Thank you, Father, for your faithfulness and favor on this small, and often broken body. Thank you, for letting your Spirit rest on them, with them, among them. Thank you that the nations of the world, and the kingdom of Heaven are - and will be - impacted by this tiny group of people willing to seek You out.

Bless their hands as the sow and reap Your seed. Bless their hearts with Your presence and voice in the quiet place. May they always be an instrument of Your will, and always pour Your love on everyone around them.

Praise You always, faithful Father.


Anonymous said...

even though you don't write as much as you would like, I still enjoy it when you do write. -- widower

shaun said...

well done, good and faithful servant!