Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Many years ago today one of the most beautiful people God ever came up with was born. She is amazingly kind and patient (especially with ridiculous/ rebelious daughters). She is the world to her husband, an awesome grandmother, and an amazing mother. Thanks for teaching me how to read, Mom... and walk, and talk, and eat with utensils. Oh, and for showing me how to be a good, and generally responsible person. Happy Birthday!

I took a swing-dance lesson yesterday at the Treehouse. Which was fun, mostly because I got to laugh at myself so much. While we were there, Ruth snuck in a poster of Orlando Bloom hugging a pillow (actually titled: "Dreamy Orlando") to tape underneath Stephen's bunk bed. It was just the kindof thing you'd expect to see in a thirteen-year-old girl's room. We were hoping we could leave, and Stephen wouldn't discover it until he crawled into bed that night, at which point Ruth would secure prank-victory!

I feigned an entire hope-group related conversation with the boy to keep him distracted (co-leader betrayal!), and at one point Ruth ended up diving out of a window, and walking back around to the front door. After all that, the tape ended up failing us, and we were found out. A noble attempt, nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

YAY team sea foam! Amy K and I giggle every time we hear that song....AWESOME MEMORIES!