Thursday, April 29, 2004

an awesome night!

I can't sleep until I write this down.

I had an awesome conversation tonight with my friend, a non-believer to date. He's been taking a class called Rise of Christianity with a professor I found to be really controvercial when I was in school. I was delighted that he was interested enough to want to know more about Jesus (in his words, he wanted to "see what all the fuss was about"), but afraid this professor was going to give him a million reasons to live in unbelief.

Anyway - after talking to him tonight, I think I once again underestimated my God. He's used this class to open my friends heart a great deal to Jesus. We had such a good talk tonight.

He told me how he realized that there could only be one truth when it came to religion - because the doctrines are inherently contradictory. (what a huge revelation!) and he said that he was afraid because if Jesus was really true, then he was going to hell. and then preceded to tell me that he realized that the gospels - even the ressurection were historical fact.

then he said that he was choosing not to have an opinion at all, because believing in Christianity, would change his whole life. which, of course, i assured him was TRUE - but also a great thing!

he talked to me a little about buddhism (his current faith) and how buddhists are trapped in the reincarnation cycle, because the path to nirvana (release) is impossible. nobody can live sinlessly. and i got to tell him that Christians believe, likewise, that nobody can make it on their own - that yes, he was living a good life compared to other people - but the standard was God - and noone was good enough - that we had to borrow Jesus' merit - that he did it for us. .... i.e. the gospel!

and he was really surprised - he said, 'wow- i get that. nobody's ever told me that before.' (thank you Father, for using me to tell him!)

anyway - i guess i could be disappointed that his official stance is to avoid making any kindof decision. But everything was saying, tells me he KNOWS. and that is huge! now, i only have to pray that he makes the jump!

i also got to speak some truth into his life. we were walking back to our cars, and he said - the crazy thing is - i'm converting my own (his self) and I told him I remembered talking to him two years ago about religion, and how he'd told me then, that nobody would ever convert him -- and told him maybe he was right! he'd do it himself, and how i felt that God was working to change his heart. which he normally would have responded skeptically to, but instead said - you know - i don't know why i took this class, i just felt compelled to, even when my friends got C's in it (grades are really big for him) and he mentioned that being invited to bible study, and coming to church with me and seeing people "raise their hands" and people cry in his class when the professor offended the name of Christ - had really made him want to explore this whole Jesus thing.

We are a witness, even when we don't know it.

Anyway - I won't keep rambling - this is less an entry for the public, and mostly just an assurance that I'll remember all this tomorrow!

Pray for him if you think of it. He's so close to eternity!

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