Wednesday, March 10, 2004

a shiny new amy

Hello again, world.

Let's play catch-up.

Last you heard, I was a student at UT, probably still undeclared, missions-minded, messy, dateless, a conan lover, prone to conservative rants, and fondly called 'amy jo'.

The new Amy (with less and less people adding the 'jo') has graduated! I finally settled in on Religious Studies - that's right, up to my eyes in debt, and here's what I've learned: You can't really understand a religion from the outside. You can read the texts, and know the doctrine, but it's only from the position of worshipper, before God - that you'll really begin to "get it". end tangent.

I'm sad to report, I'm still messy, and consequently dateless. I still love Conan, though he's no longer a nightly ritual... and every now and then, I may bust out with a conservative rant - but only because I can't bite my tongue.

Those who read this for a laugh, will be happy to hear, I'm still quite socially awkuard, and say the most horrendous things at the worst times, and am often quite misunderstood by the general public.


So why the sudden come-back? I'm about to start a whole new life. In August, I may be moving to North Carolina to live with my sister for a year, and help care for her children while she finishes college. Hating to think of leaving all my friends, I thought it'd be great to keep a web log - so I started one at, but then remembered my abandoned alterna-world, and it's nice people, and user-friendliness.... hence the ressurection.

Here's to a fresh start!

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