Wednesday, March 31, 2004

a new author

I was listening to the Bible Answer Man show today. There was an author fielding caller questions today, who has just written a book called, "What We Can't Not Know".

He spoke with great conviction about the state of the evangelical church in America today, and how our want to relate to the culture, has been twisted into total acceptance of the culture, and everyone in it, even when it flies in the face of our morality.

He described attending a bible study, wherein a woman had commented on Jesus overthrowing the temple, by saying "It makes me feel so much better to know Jesus was a sinner just like me." In addressing her blatant misunderstanding of the Christ, he was thrown out of the study for his disagreeableness.

I'm shocked at the length the church, myself included, will go to these days to gain acceptance, forgetting that the gospel is inherently an offense.

I pray we learn to fear the Lord.

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