Tuesday, March 23, 2004

the beginnings of a rant on journal technique

Looking back over my old entries, I realize how shockingly little I talked about my life. I'm hoping to make this second go at my journal a little more autobiographical.

Don't worry, I'll try and keep the entertainment level high. I simply don't understand what drives people to a public recounting of the mundane details of their daily routine. Seriously people. If you don't have something to say - don't feel obligated to write just for quantity's sake.

I think I'm having an inspirational moment. My next few entries will be dedicated to expounding the amy theory of online journaling**.


**Has anyone else noticed how much less nerdy it makes you feel to type 'journal' over 'diary'? What is it about keeping a 'diary' that makes me feel like a thirteen year old with a crush?

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