Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Dear Lord...

Dear Lord,
You're the only one I care to share my heart with fully. The only one who will treat me gently - like something precious and breakable. The world is full of humiliations and disappointments of all kinds, and traps and snares from the enemy that would crush us as we run to you. But you remain worthy, faithful, holy, and good. Not always in our sight, but always nonetheless. Thank you, Father, for your constance; your tenderness, your Father's love.

Help me keep my heart open and vulnerable before you, though the world would have me hide it away in fear. My identity, beauty is not in theireyes or on their tongues but only in yours Lord; you who know me completely.

Thank you, Lord that you know the deepest places of my soul, every dark broken piece and still find me worthy to be your child - and at such a cost! How awesome that so many of my fellow sinners, fellow dust, find me unworthy, uninteresting; yet, you, the Father and God of the universe, the planets, the earth and all creation, count me worth your son, worth even your love.

what God is this?