Tuesday, September 04, 2001

a superhero in disguise?

I think I need to start putting a little more thought into my apparel... That's right folks, I'm thinking of retiring the old plaid pajama pants and t-shirt ruitine. Maybe I'll even give up the short hair, which would mean I'd have to start combing it, I suppose.

It turns out it REALLY DOES matter what other people think, if you plan on luring them into human interaction with you. What difference does it make if your funny, or a nice person, or that you have good values, if everyone's sitting on the other side of the room to avoid the "sloppy kid" in class?

I mean I know I'm hot stuff (that's right folks, the coolest since sliced bread... yeah... :P) but I suppose nobody else is going to catch on, until I make myself presentable.

Meanwhile, I'd encourage all you "sloppy kid" avoiders, to reach out of your boundries a bit, and embrace the kids who go to class in their PJs. They probably dress that way, out of the deep seeded belief, that what's outside REALLY doesn't matter, and have probably spent a lot of time spit-shining their personality.

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