Tuesday, August 07, 2001

so long, farewell, alviedersdain...

Today was my last day at Burger King.

what i won't miss:

the uniform. the big evil boss lady. the mop sink. ugly burns on my hands. the feel, smell, taste, or residue of grease. mean people who like to abuse food service workers. missing the simpsons, and my M*A*S*H reruns. eating a burger every day for dinner. saying 50x a day "no comprende espaniol". long hours and low pay.

what i will miss:

water fights. "cleaning" the four story playground. the mexican ladies rolling their eyes whenever the mean boss lady walked by. watching the "popular" kids from high school apply for jobs... not summer jobs... just jobs. and free meals.

the burger king book is closed-- on with the adventure!

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