Thursday, August 02, 2001

sleep deprived parenthood

If the reading is wretched lately, account it to sleep deprivation, and please forgive me.


i wondered about my children today
wondered if i'd have them...
if i'd raise them well,
if they'd love God,
if as teens, they'd think me unfair,
if in college, they'd think me old and uncool,
if they'd love me anyway,
if they'd ever go to therapy and blame me.

what kind of people will they be?
will they think for themselves?
will they vote for the other guy?
how painful is childbirth?

when do you learn to read a book upside-down so they can still see the pictures and to peel apples in one long strip?


i evacuated my room today. there was a giant (man-eating) tarantula crawling on my wall, so i grabbed my work clothes, my pillow, and my pet mouse ("phish"), and moved to the couch, where I'm hoping to camp un-noticed until the end of the summer.

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