Monday, July 30, 2001

AM radio

I've found a new addiction (and oh, how I am susceptible to addictive behaviors.) In the wrestless clutches of a sleepless night, I've discovered the boundless joys of late night AM Radio.

You can go days without sleep if you keep your mind engaged. With what is really quite irrelevant. "The Bible Man Answer Show"... two hours of American short stories... a discussion group on the perks of homeschooling... and an infomertial on the horrors of "Brain Starvation."

It's amazing how information flows so easily through your mind when your laying quiet in the dark just... listening...

Meanwhile... my body is starving for a little real sleep. I walked by a mirror today and didn't recognize the exhausted face looking back at me. I had to resist asking my reflection: "Are you ok??"

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