Tuesday, June 26, 2001

truth and persecution

Truth and persecution.

Easily offended, please don't read.

I always like to think that there's some great underlying "truth" to the world, and humans will spend much of their lifetime looking for, and bickering about it. Trying to make sense of our existance, and all.

BUT, I'm tired of listening to people rationalize their lives. Just because some truths are difficult to hear, or may make us unhappy, doesn't make them any less true.


I'm tired of 1/2 religous people, who believe that there is a God, but don't think it important to learn anything about Him, or people who believe in Christ's teachings, only to the point that it doesn't invade their current lifestyle.

You believe it or you don't. If you believe any of it, you have to take all of it, not just the parts that are convenient for you.

And belief in a supreme being, isn't something you can just add to a 'List o' Beliefs' somewhere, and shelve away. Isn't meeting your maker, something you might want to read up on a little before you die?


And why is it that Christians and their beliefs are so open to criticism by the rest of the world? Questioning other religions is discrimination or narrow-mindedness, but everyone feels that challenging the Christian belief system is somehow different? Somehow more allowable? As if Christians are un-offendable.


I'm tired of religous discussions turning into just me having to defend my beliefs. The main complaint I hear being, that Christians are narrowminded to believe in only one God, and the like. Why can't we except other people's truths? I say: Why should WE be the only ones having to defend our truth? Why are we constantly under criticism?

I've never told anyone they didn't have the right to believe in their truths, but have been told so about my own on several occasions.

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