Monday, June 18, 2001

moseyin' at the BK

I hate to join the masses of diary folk who waste all their entries complaining about their boss, but I'm going to waste an entry complaining about my boss.

There we were [at the Burger King-- glamorous, I know]. The whole town came down to wait in line for a Whopper and fries, and all of us workers are drowning in grease and special sauce. Here comes the boss lady, moseyin'** through the back. 'Ho, hum. Well guys, if you need anything, I'll be over at the Subway getting a bite to eat. La de da.'

Didn't see her the rest of the night.

OK. No more complaining about the big mean boss.

**It occured to me that only the Texans would comprehend that sentence. "Moseyin" is a verb. It's similar to 'meandering' only at a slower pace and with a bit of a cowboy feel implied. Kind of a lazy stroll, I would think.

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