Wednesday, May 09, 2001


We expanded on the "study fort" today. I think it's more of a "study condo" now; complete with a cooling system, and a Beware of Dog sign.

*In other news*

I noticed today at dinner, how much my dinner tray after eating resembled some of my tendencies towards myself. My own trash and napkins were folded into squares, organized on my plate, and Regina had thrown her trash (wadded, messy, and sticky) onto my tray.

I noticed that I didn't feel that compulsive need to organize ALL the trash on my tray, just my own. My theory being, that I don't seem to mind sloppiness, chaos, or intrusion even, in my environment, but the pressure and standards I put on mySELF, are evident in my folded dirty napkins, and symetrical trash, surrounded by my friends sticky mess.

Or maybe, I've just been studying too much.

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