Tuesday, April 17, 2001


I joined my sister's online Conservative-Web Ring today. I'm proud to flaunt my morality, and so I've decided to dedicate this entry to some stories and thoughts dealing with the plight of the Conservatives.

#1 On Campus lately the Abortion controversy has been getting a lot of attention. Anyway, so I was hanging out with a girl from my floor yesterday and the conversation got quiet, and she asked me

Girl: are you pro choice?

Me: nope

Girl: that's funny

Me: why's that?

Girl: I don't know, you just seemed like you would be.

And I'm thinking, how did I seem? I just SEEMED, like I might kill a baby sometime? How can I SEEM like on the weekend I might get bored and stab a little kid who was walking by or something?

I actually said something intelligent like: nope.

#2 This all got started after a group called Justice for All put up a display on campus. They posted 18 ft. photos displaying the horrors of abortion... aborted fetus, and women who'd gotten breast cancer from having abortions and had had their breasts removed. They even had a picture of a baby in the womb during a surgical procedure (a life saving one) and the baby or "fetus" at only a few months in the womb was grasping the surgeon's finger. Then they showed the same baby two years later all healthy and happy. On the other side, of the surgeon/finger picture they showed an aborted fetus of the same age.

The display was really moving. But the Pro Lifers protested it ALL WEEK, and their argument was that it was Seriously offensive, and shocking, and they couldn't believe they had put that up. Blah Blah Blah. But isn't that the friggin' point? I mean, is it more offensive to put up the pictures, or the fact that we do that to babies hundreds of times a day... I simply can't understand that kind of logic.

Or any of their logic for that matter. Here are the arguments I read on Pro-Choice signs.

A. We Won't Go Back!

[i.e. to back ally abortions] This is a logical enough point thought halfway through. True, the abortions 50 years ago were crude and destructive to women. BUT, the simple fact is times have changed now, and NOT because abortion was legalized. Back in the day, many families often did not believe in using birth control and couldn't get it because their husbands took care of the money in the household. Women would have a scary amount of children they couldn't feed and wear themselves to the ground trying to care for them all or often would starve. TODAY, women are in the workfield making their own money, birth control and contraceptives are sold over the counter without any shame coming to a buyer. There is NO reason to have an unwanted pregnancy with the right precautions in today's world.

B. Be a Voice for Choice

Here we see pro-choicers appealing to our sense of freedom and all those other great american values. But the fact of the matter is: There are OTHER choices. Like abstinence, to all you pregnant teens out there. Or, as previously mentioned, the readily available and easily attainable birth control methods you can buy in any gas station now. And then there's always adoption. Hundreds or thousands of families out there are just waiting to adopt babies.

C. Now here's the kicker. What about the RAPE victims?

Here is the last logic card every Pro-Choicer will pull on you. That's not a wanted pregnancy, you had no control... why should you have to raise a baby knowing that the father was your rapist.

Now, here, is where I feel for the liberals and their huge hearts. I see their point. BUT, once again lets go back to LOGIC. First of all, the odds that you would get raped on one of the like 2 days a month you can get pregnant are seriously slim. But supposing this does happen to some unfortunate woman out there. You don't have to raise the child. There's always adoption. And what about those agonizing nine months of depression? WHO wouldn't go through nine terrible-though-they-may-be months of depression to save the life of a child??

OK, enough on abortion... i was going to tell another conservative story, but I've written WAY to much on this entry...


amy jo

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